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In the world of Weyrth:
But don't you still wonder what this Whole Weyrth World is all about?

If you ever find out, just put it right in this post:
Weyrth is a world overwhelmed by its sun. All life has been driven underground, into huge caverns lit by brilliant crystals and bioluminescent plants.

It is a world of great beauty and wonder, but also great danger...

(Or at least, that's what I think it is. What do you think?)

In the world of Weyrth:

Is this thing turned on?

Ahem. I'm going to assume it is. Let's test some of that fancy formatting stuff.

italics check.
bold check. Wish this were the single asterisks, as on G+, but okay.
underline check. I sorta assume it'll eventually be easier, but maybe this isn't common enough to bother with easier formatting.

  • bullets
# numbers
  1. numbers?

Odd. Didn't work the first time, but it did the second.
  • Single layer lists only. Okay.

Hm. Oddly, nothing wants to appear below the embedded YouTube link. We'll call that a feature until/unless Brent fixes it.

So, last thing. What is "World?"



Augh, yes, the YouTube embed. There's a quirk in how browsers render that out in a rather non-standard way.

I just posted a fix. Sorry about that!