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Travellers' Lounge

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Brent P. Newhall
A place for metagame talk about the play-by-post Classic Traveller game as coordinated by @"twwombat". This will be a home-grown universe and not OTU.

Welcome to the Travellers' Lounge. If you're interested in playing Classic Traveller by post, please drop me a message/wave to express interest and communicate a rough character idea. I'll add you to the room so we can start talking about what style of game y'all want to play. I'd prefer to stick with political, caper, trading, or exploration styles as heavy action tends to bog down via post.

Once we have characters settled (I'll roll 'em up) and a mostly-unified group, I'll open a different room to chronicle actual play. I'll close enrollment as we reach critical mass - probably 4-6 players. Game actions will probably be on a weekly cycle.

Note that characters with service experience (Army, Navy, Marines, Merchants, and Scouts are the main service branches) are common in Traveller, and information transfer between star systems is handled via ship-board mail

Character Sheets
I've got preliminary character writeups done, available in this gdocs folder. I'll be plugging in organization and planet names as I develop the subsector a little.

I've talked with @"Brent P. Newhall" about the Scout Admin/Finance character, and the Navy Engineer character should fit the request made by @"SinbadEV". Everything else is wide open at the moment, so have at thee, @"Avacc" and @"bluegargantua".

We should talk about ship options, and thus campaign options. We have a couple of scouts with access to Type S Scout Ships, but they only have 4 staterooms and 3 tons of cargo - not ideal if you want to break even with trading and paying passengers. I rolled up a scientist with a lab ship who I think would be better off as a total non-combat character. Hiring on as crew for the lab ship opens up some exploration/survey options, but may limit getaways as the ship may need to stay in orbit for weeks at a time.

The other option I have handy is a modification of The Bospor Incident, which was designed as a one-shot so a TPK is a distinct possibility. Survivors will have possession of a ship and a pile of sticky choices to make.

Let me know what sounds good to you, and we'll take a look at options.
Looks cool.
Looks good to me!
Pinging @"twwombat" for those characters, please. :-)

Sickness and work of all stripes has delayed me somewhat. I have 3 left to type in, then I'll share the whole shebang and start working up the subsector.

I mentioned this in the G+ post but:

I'm cool for a trading game, but I'd also be down for Imperial Filibuster (aka Pocket Empires) -- a noble family descends on a small star cluster just beyond Imperial Limits and by hook or by crook take them over and turn them into a mini-empire. When the Imperium shows up, the nobles are happy to join the fold in exchange for Imperial Titles and governorship of their pocket empire. 

You and your penchant for Nobles. *grin*

(Or "What can I play?")

Characters start with some years of experience, usually from some form of service, and a collection of skills. Rough categories of previous experience include:

  • Soldier: Army, Marines, and planetary defense forces are common. They learn weapons, vehicles, and combat-related skills like Forward Observer, Leader, Tactics, and Instruction. Also repair skills like Mechanical, Electronic, and Gravitics.
  • Navy: Their life is given to their ship. They tend to focus on starship skills like Engineering, Pilot, Navigation, Computer, and Fleet Tactics.
  • Socialite: Includes Merchants, Diplomats, Bureaucrats, and Nobles. They tend to learn people and process skills like Admin, Bribery, Liaison, Interrogation, and Carousing. Nobles must have a Social Standing stat of A (10) or higher.
  • Solos: They are typically self-reliant. The Scout service is the gold standard here, though Belters and big-game Hunters fall into this category. They learn a little of everything, from flying a ship to negotiating with treacherous bureaucracies.
  • Specialists: These include Doctors, Scientists, and Pirates. They tend to focus in one area, but they still have some breadth of skills.

You also have the rare and coveted Jack-of-all-Trades (JoT) skill, which basically lets you bluff your way through other skill rolls. It reflects a broad experience base to draw from, but it's not as reliable as the skill it stands in for.

So that's a fairly small nutshell to get you started with character ideas. If you have a strong preference for anything, please let me know. Or I could just roll up a few characters and let you figure out who plays what.
Cool! I like the idea of a Solo from the Scout service, personally. Someone who's done their time and seen a lot of stuff, like Garibaldi in Babylon 5.
Hey, Thanks for having me. I've mentioned what I thought I wanted to play in the OP. Based on the list I'm not sure which to pick but Navy Engineer or maybe a Specialist Engineer or Jack-of-all-Trades seem like near enough options. I rely on twwwombat's familiarity with the system.

I'll be starting to roll up characters soon, with an eye toward fulfilling requests. Some will be way off the mark, but I'll keep those around as a rogues' gallery for possible NPCs and future PCs.

If something strikes you as close to what you want to play, great! I'll flag those that might work for the requests I've heard so far.

Navy for me :)
Thanks for adding me!

I'm cool with just about any style for play-by-post, and I'm leaning towards exploration/trading for this game.

Feel free to create any character you want for me. I'll roll with it.

Thanks for the invite! I too prefer exploration. I am happy with a pre-gen of just about any sort but I will peruse the rules tonight.