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The first thing that came up when I clicked on Post was the previous post I had clicked on to attempt to edit as it still had the editing icon on it. I was also able to uncheck the editable button and save it like that.

Not sure if the fix is working and it did not change previous posts? or if there was an issue with the fix itself.

So leaving this here to let people attempt to edit it.

This is Brent, editing your post. -- Brent.
One curious thing I noticed today.

On the web browser everything fits nicely in this single column.

On a mobile browser (Chrome on a G note 3) when not logged in everything stays in the nice clean format.

As soon as I logged in while on mobile then the text bleeds over the right margin of the center column and into the grey background.
Interesting. I see that, too. Looks like I need to update the mobile CSS. Thanks for pointing this out!
It double posted because:

A - I posted the link
B - I clicked on the link
C - It opened on the same tab, not a new one (I have auto new tab set on FF)
D - When I hit the back button FF said it had to reload
E - I did hit refresh and it comes back to my stream showing two posts now.
Ah, yeah. I don't have a great solution to that at the moment. Will put it on the list.
Maybe just a quick check to ensure posts aren't duplicates... would help with spams too.
Good idea, SinbadEV. Added to the list.
Testing a copy and paste of a link from my wiki to see how the formatting appears.
Testing a copy and paste of a link from my wiki to see how the formatting appears.
Testing out this ultra low key new social media experiment.
And welcome! :-) Thanks for kicking the tires.