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This is my about blurb. It lacks substance. Though I suppose it has the word "substance" now so technically it doesn't.

Is this thing still on?
It is! :-)
In the world of Graxithas:
Hello! I am going to try to run a super basic OSR style campaign over Hai to practice my DMing... check out for details.
"always out of character" thread for discussion/questions
Who wants in? What do you need to know?
I should be in. :D
OK... need to know anything? You could contact me through other means but I imagine many questions you might have would be the kind of thing anyone would need to know (and if you ask here I won't have to answer them multiple times)
Chapter 0: Amnesiac Indentured Recovery Specialists
Some time in the recent past you awoke with no memory of anything and were told by a nominally kindly automaton that you had died and, lacking sufficient assets to afford resurrection, you have become the property of ThaumCo Incorporated until you can work off your debt.

After a few weeks of aptitude testing, training, and group therapy sessions with Floyd (the aforementioned automaton) you have been given your first mission.

Basically you are being teleported to a remote location to delve "The Dread Warrens of Myali the Infernal" (which Floyd assures you is long abandoned and not nearly as sinister as it sounds) to collect whatever valuables might happen to be there and then signal back for pick-up. A percentage of what you recover will be applied to both your existing dept and any additional dept you have accrued or may accrue to ThaumCo through the care, room and board they provide you... plus interest.

Use greenfor OOC posts and notes.

I keep experimenting with running role-playing for my 5 and 6 year old kids and realized that the biggest problem is my lack of familiarity with Dungeon Mastering... I'm just not really all that good at it... so I found a super simple OSR-style system called Microlite20 ( ) to use and rolled the kids up some characters and started running them through a generated dungeon.

It seems to be going well so far but I keep having to look stuff up and I haven't got the "thinking on my feet and setting DCs for using two 10'poles to escape a pit trap both PCs have fallen in" type stuff so I figured I'd experiment with running a game on Hai... that way I get practice DMing and we all can work out some "conventions" to use when doing a play by post.

I have roped one sucker in already so that's a good start right?

Role up a character using the SRD and post it in it's own new post within this room.

I'll make another "always out of character" thread for discussion/questions.
In the world of Hai:
Probably just a "polish" issue but I feel like the "Write Post" interface should be on world views and should default to that world.

That said, I was trying to think of a world to post something to and having trouble picking.

If I want to talk about the Guardians of the Galaxy movie do I put it in the "Marvel" world, the "Movie" world, the "Marvel Cinematic Universe" world or the "Comics and Genre Fiction" world.

What would be nice, I think, would be for there to be something like "nesting" but in a way that allows a post to exist in multiple worlds.

So the "Marvel" world would fit into the "Comics" and "Genre Fiction" worlds and the "Marvel Cinematic Universe" would fit into the "Marvel" and "Movie" worlds... and if I subscribe to a "parent" world I would see posts from it's "children".

It might just be easier once there are more existing worlds to play with.
Also... You can apparently subscribe to the same world multiple times... that seems sub-optimal
Thanks for the note on the "Write Post" interface in Worlds. Yeah, just haven't gotten to that yet. :-)

Your idea of joining Words into a hierarchy is brilliant. I've been searching for a good way of handling that issue, and that's exactly how to do that. I've added it to my to-do list.
FYI, I just added the compose pane to each World's page. It doesn't default to that World yet, but at least you can post from there now. Silly me!
And fixed. Posts now default to the World in which they're composed (see this post).

And you shouldn't be able to subscribe to the same world multiple times now. Lemme know if that crops up again!
Cool! Any idea how to remove the 5 duplicate world subscriptions I already have?
I've just removed them manually.
This Is Me Posting
Look at all the posting I am doing!

/gestures vaguely

Now you reply and I add you to teams.

And now ... I REPLY! :-O

I must admit, I'm happy about how easy it is to reply.

Are we talking a 5-lion team or a 27-vehicle team here?
twwombat, I will love you forever for that reply.

Some things from my youth still have entertainment value. *grin*
Oh man, Voltron was my drug. Watched it every day, bought the VHS tapes, had all the action figures.