In the world of Hai:
A bunch more changes in the last couple days:

  • You can now drag-and-drop images into the compose window and the files will auto-upload to Hai and embed into the bottom of your post. You can then move them anywhere you want in the post; they're embedded just like any other image URL. There's now an "Images" area under your Account link, too, which shows all the images you've uploaded.
  • You now have an "About Me" section on your account page. It's a free-form text field you can use to describe your interests and such. I plan to let you list your favorite Worlds and Rooms on your account page, too, so you can find other people with similar interests.
  • As you type in the name of a World, up to 10 matches are displayed as hints. This'll let you place things in existing Worlds more easily. Clicking on one of those hints auto-completes the World name.
  • There's now a complete moderator interface for rooms. Moderators can kick people, make others mods, and change the room's topic and other parameters.
  • While we're at it, rooms can now be made public (visible on the web), invite-only (only moderators can add members), or password-protected (you must enter a password to join the room).

I also cleaned up some code and fixed a couple of limitations.

I'm still working on @ replies (which will work like +'ing a user on G+) and broadcasting of posts (which will work kinda like re-tumbling). I'd also like to add multi-level lists (that is, sub-items within lists) soon.