In the world of Hai:
Doing a lot of boring behind-the-scenes lately. I plan to move on to more exciting stuff now that I've done this:

  • You can now import an account from an XML file that you've exported. your account page contains an Export Your Account button which will export all your account info, posts, comments, images, and videos as an XML file. And now it has an Import Your Account button which will take that XML file and import it into your account. So, if you ever want to leave Hai, you can take your account with you, and can always plug all that back into Hai later. Comments will even re-appear on the posts to which they were assigned.
  • You can now add a security question and answer to your account. You can then answer that question to reset your password, even if your email/phone are out of date.
  • I also fixed a bug that caused comment history to appear in the main lists. Comment history now only appears if you view a post on its own.

Next: blocking users, human-readable URLs for worlds and rooms (such as, and better search (right now it just searches for the whole phrase you typed, instead of splitting it into words).

Photo by Kevin Dooley