In the world of Hai:
An important if rarely needed feature today: you can now delete your account. Go to your account page and click the Delete account button. You'll get a confirmation page explaining what it does before it deletes anything. :-)

This will delete all your posts, comments, images, and videos, and will remove you from any Rooms you joined. And, of course, it'll delete all your account information, including your profile image.

The only thing it can't remove are edits you made to posts that other people marked as editable.

I wrote this feature now because I want people to feel safe in using Hai. I want them to know that if they want to remove all their content from Hai, the site will actually and completely delete their account. It doesn't wait around for some unknown time like on Facebook, nor will Hai only delete some of your information. It'll be all gone.

Next: exporting (and importing!) all your data, so you can move on and keep whatever you wrote.