More features today:

  • Very long posts are now shortened, with the addition of a Read more link to expand the post to its full size. This is for those situations when someone, say, pastes a chapter of a book into a post.
  • Moderators of Rooms can now make a post "sticky" by clicking the Sticky link at the bottom of a post. Stickied posts always appear at the top of the room. This lets you create introductory posts with rules of behavior and such.
  • When you compose a post, it looks more like a regular post (your avatar and name are displayed next to it, and the buttons are aligned towards the top of the compose window instead of the middle). This is part of an overall UI move to make posts look and work more like threaded conversation messages a la Google Wave. I hope to make composing and editing posts much simpler, almost like editing a document.
  • A few bug fixes when loading more posts.

Photo by Moyan Brenn