In the world of Hai:
Probably just a "polish" issue but I feel like the "Write Post" interface should be on world views and should default to that world.

That said, I was trying to think of a world to post something to and having trouble picking.

If I want to talk about the Guardians of the Galaxy movie do I put it in the "Marvel" world, the "Movie" world, the "Marvel Cinematic Universe" world or the "Comics and Genre Fiction" world.

What would be nice, I think, would be for there to be something like "nesting" but in a way that allows a post to exist in multiple worlds.

So the "Marvel" world would fit into the "Comics" and "Genre Fiction" worlds and the "Marvel Cinematic Universe" would fit into the "Marvel" and "Movie" worlds... and if I subscribe to a "parent" world I would see posts from it's "children".

It might just be easier once there are more existing worlds to play with.
Also... You can apparently subscribe to the same world multiple times... that seems sub-optimal
Thanks for the note on the "Write Post" interface in Worlds. Yeah, just haven't gotten to that yet. :-)

Your idea of joining Words into a hierarchy is brilliant. I've been searching for a good way of handling that issue, and that's exactly how to do that. I've added it to my to-do list.
FYI, I just added the compose pane to each World's page. It doesn't default to that World yet, but at least you can post from there now. Silly me!
And fixed. Posts now default to the World in which they're composed (see this post).

And you shouldn't be able to subscribe to the same world multiple times now. Lemme know if that crops up again!
Cool! Any idea how to remove the 5 duplicate world subscriptions I already have?
I've just removed them manually.