In the world of Hai:
Added some login features today.

  • When logging in, you can now click a checkbox to remain logged in for 30 days. This will set a cookie in your browser. Logging out clears the cookie.
  • There's now a separate Create Account page. The previous system, where people entered a username and password in the login fields, just confused people. This page also displays random words you can use as a seed for a long password.
  • I've changed the password policy to require 10-character passwords and only one special character, digit, or upper-case letter. This only applies to new passwords from now on, so you don't have to change your password if it's less than 10 characters.

I've also noticed some weird behavior around Waves that I'm looking into. Some Waves showed up for me briefly on the wrong pages, and it looks like there was a blank Wave created. Seems to be working okay now based on my simple tests, but let me know if you're having any problems.

Photo by JD Hancock