In the world of Hai:
That's right, I haven't forgotten the site!

I've changed how logging in works. Now, when you go to you'll see an introduction in the center and a login form to the right. All Worlds and (public) Rooms are displayed in the left, like you're logged in. You can then browse those Worlds and Rooms.

This means you can read Worlds and Rooms even if you're not logged in (but only if they've been set public).

Also, the "Post Formatting" sidebar on the right stays hidden until you actually write a post.

I've added history for posts, so when a post is edited, previous versions are stored. I don't have an interface for displaying old versions yet, though. They're being stored in the database, at least.

Also, editing a post sets the Public and Editable checkboxes correctly now.

Next: showing subscribed Worlds/Rooms on your profile (so you can show people your interests), adding a die roller, and fixing a bug in editing room posts.
Also fixed a bug when editing posts that was erasing their World association.
Fixed the bug when editing room posts, too.