In the world of Hai:
A few more additions today as I was playing around:

Hai now stores and displays a history of comments. Click on a post's timestamp in the upper-left corner of the post to view all previous edits to the post and its comments.

As @"Marcus" suggested, I've improved the die roller so you can optionally see each die roll. If you add "p" to the end of any dice notation, it'll print the rolls. Example:

17 (rolled 6,5,6 on 3d6p)

I've also planned out how to handle account import, and I'm noodling with a feature that will take a movie or book title and automatically italicize it and link to its IMDb or Amazon entry.

Photo by Tiffa Day
4y ago, Marcus changed this comment from:
24 (rolled 2,10,5,4,1,2 on 5d10ep)
24 (rolled 2,10,5,4,1,2 on 5d10ep)