In the world of Hai:
You can now schedule events within Hai (check out the left sidebar). At the time of the event, a Google Hangout button will appear on the event, and everyone on the event will be included in the Hangout when you click the Hangout button.

Events work similarly to rooms: they can be invite-only, public/private (not visible on the web), and/or hidden (not listed within Hai).

Dates/times will be automatically converted into your local timezone.

Please test this out! As a solo developer, there was only so many ways I could test this myself, so there may be unexpected bugs.

Oh, while I was at it, I also fixed the tab order, so when you compose a post, pressing tab now goes to the World text box, then to the Post button, then to the Discard button. So when you're done writing, you can just hit tab-tab-space to post.

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