In the world of Hai:
Since I can't seem to go to sleep tonight, a few more features!

  • You can now track a post. Hover over the post to display the gray action bar and click Track. You will now get pinged when a new comment is added to the post, even if you're not part of that conversation.
  • Speaking of pings, on your pings page, hover over a ping to load the post in a pane on the right of the page. I love this feature; it makes the ping's context much more clear.
  • While you type a password in the login/account creation page, password requirements are displayed below the password field.
  • When you edit a post, if you change the name of the World in the World field, the post will now get placed in the newly entered World.
  • I've tightened up the spacing in the left sidebar.

Coming up:

  • As you type a name into the World field, it should display a list of all the matching World names. For example, if a World named Doctor Who already exists, then as you type "doctor" the phrase Doctor Who should pop up in a little hint box (along with any other Worlds containing "doctor" in the name). And you should be able to click on that to fill in the World name.
  • @ replies. Specifically: Adding a person's name to a post or comment, which in turn adds them to pings about the post. I think you'll just type "@" followed by a person's visible name, which the system will automatically replace with the user's username in the code. Will have to deal with dupes, though (multiple John Smiths). Hmmm.
  • Broadcasting. This is like re-sharing, but without creating a new post. So if Bob broadcasts Alice's post, the post will show up for everyone who has Bob in their teams. The post will also mention that it was rebroadcast by Bob.
Wow! This is really shaping up! I'll have to play around for a bit.

I really like the mouse-over functionality on pings. I think it's a great little innovation. :D
Thanks! Yeah, I'm very happy with how the ping hover feature turned out.