In the world of Hai:
A big new feature, plus a bunch of tweaks.

The feature: rooms. These are areas of walled-off discussion; posts within a room only appear there. They otherwise work just like regular posts, though.

I envision rooms as a bit like IRC chat rooms. They're meant for higher-traffic conversation, as well as private discussions. Eventually, I want the stream to auto-update as new posts come in, as well.

The tweaks are:

  • You can now edit your comments. Hover over a comment for an Edit link.
  • Pings list the author of the new comment. User names are also now displayed consistently across the site (if using your real name, your name is bold, for example).
  • The Worlds page now lists all the worlds on Hai.
  • Speaking of Worlds, there's now a compose pane on World pages, which defaults new posts to that World.
  • I've also been tweaking the mobile display to fix some rendering issues. Not quite there yet, but getting closer.

And here's what I'm working on next:

  • Subscribing to a post, so you get pinged when there are updates even if you haven't commented on it.
  • When editing a post and changing its World, the code currently doesn't move the post to the new World. Whoops!
  • Some way to display the original post's content when looking at a ping, without loading a new page. Toying with some ideas....