In the world of Hai:
I attempted to reply to a comment in a room and my comment disappeared. After a bit, I noticed that I was also no longer a member of the room. I eventually figured it out: the "Leave room" was below and to the right of the place where my comment preview was rendered, exactly where I'd expect a submit button. I definitely didn't expect to find it to the left of the edit box. I suspect this will surprise other new users.

Also, as I was typing this, the lines immediately below this box looks like:

World: [Hai                          ] ☑ Public ☑
Comments ☐ Editable

I spent some time trying to figure out if comments were allowed or not before I noticed that the matching checkbox was on the previous line. Perhaps a slightly larger back between the options.   might keep the text attached to the label.

Great point on the positioning of the "Leave Room" button! I've moved it to the upper-right corner of the page, underneath the "Member" button.

I hear you on the wrapping with those options, but I couldn't quite parse your recommendation. What do you mean by "a slightly larger back between the options."?

In the meantime, I've tweaked the CSS so that each label should stay with its checkbox on the same line.

I meant a slightly larger space between the options. I have no idea why I actually typed "back."
Ah-ha! Okay, that makes sense. Thanks!